Web sites can be fancy and difficult to navigate. Or they can be simple, clean, and easy to use. Charlie Fleishman of Millrace Design produces stylish and uncomplicated sites that fit the need for function and usability.

Millrace Design has a diverse clientele, ranging from authors to artists to an organic farm. Projects are developed individually to fit particular needs and visions. Existing sites can be redesigned or updated.

Examples of Millrace Design websites:

Prefontaine Productions, LLC
Linda Prefontaine, sister of the legendary Steve Prefontaine, created a line of running-related "Love to Run" necklaces to honor her brother and to inspire competitors of all ages. The site also offers a high-quality reproduction of a painting of Steve, and a "Prefolio" that contains images from his childhood.


Winter Green Farm grows almost three dozen organic vegetables and fruits to supply the members of its Community Farm and to fill wholesale niches for special products.

The site includes numerous photos, information about the farm and how to become a member, and an online form for submitting a membership application.


More websites by Millrace Design:
Tina Tessina, Author and Therapist
Dennis Must, Author
Don Fenn, Author and Psychotherapist

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